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The Relationship Between Tourists and Casino

There are concerns regarding the evidence of casino development and tourism going hand in hand. But many countries resort to the gambling industry to amplify their tourism and thereby boost the economy. Here is all about it.

Impact of Casino on tourism

Except for some locations in Europe, Nevada, and the Caribbean, casino development is very new elsewhere. In recent years, casinos have been rapidly growing in various cities, but there is very little evidence of their impact on tourism overall.

Casino on tourism

Urban markets

Casinos are considered glamorous due to the impression they leave on the tourists who visit Last Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Baden Baden. But the issue is, many casinos do not target tourists. Mostly, it is the urban market and visits them and plays at their casinos. SO, the fact that they are always a tourist destination is grossly inaccurate.

Casino to encourage tourism

The US and Australia and authorized adding more casinos to boost tourism and encouraging more holidays to be spent in these countries. This allows the countries to bring outsiders and wealth to the local economy. Though it was achieved in some countries like the Gold Coast of Australia, attracting the wealthy players of South East Asia, the tourism boost overall depends on the characteristics like the type of development, location, and competitive environment. These are the only scenarios that drive tourism.

tourist attraction

Concentrated casinos are themselves a tourist attraction.

Whenever large casinos have been concentrated in a single location, it becomes a significant tourist attraction—for example, Las Vegas and Macau. Las Vegas had started out as a destination resort with gambling as its center point, but it starting facing increasing competition. Now, it offers multi-faceted tourism with entertainment, attraction, retail, convention, Disney style architecture, etc. Hence, a casino alone cannot turn the tourism industry around. To convert a place into a casino destination, more tourism activity would have to be added to drive tourism.

Borders attracting

Borders attracting new markets

Sometimes, the legal controls do not allow casino development in an area. Under such circumstances, they search for the following closest country where they can gamble at. These conditions draw a considerable number of tourists per year to the casinos.

In conclusion

The key message to draw is that new casinos would only help draw tourists if there are certain non-gaming attractions too. Just a gambling footprint will not draw more tourists. We should learn from history and understand the true context of tourism. Casinos do not have to be the centre of attention to gain tourism. It is ideal for working on the existing tourism infrastructure and then working on the casino, and it will likely lead to a positive impact. Casinos would not draw more crowds of tourists.

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