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Casino Tourism And Its Economic Development-Macau

Casinos are the source of entertainment that the people rely upon by betting their money.


Tourism is one of the Global activities of humans where they are the reception areas of effective economic power tool. A link between tourism and development is a proportionate way.

Just like tourism, gaming tourism is now one of the leading topics. There is a distinction between gaming and gambling gaming means a legal form of a particular activity, and gambling means mostly an illegal one. But a person who participates in those activities is named Gamblers without distinction.

Gaming tourism

Gaming tourism as an alternative form of tourism

many unique forms of tourism, and gaming tourism are one of them. Re most importantly talked about the casinos and some of the hotel complexes specifically designed to conduct gambling. These places are designated areas that are only used for traveling. According to the research, over 666 counties in the US have trouble in the economy, but now, after the legalization of casinos, there was a large development and transformed these places into spatial areas.

Macau as a small island developing State

Macau, which is not an island but consists of two Island territories that are  Continental dry I land and two Islets considered, has a Small Island developing state because of its size.

According to the information, Until 1999, it remained as a Portugal Colony since the 16th century. Macau wasn’t a financial, cultural, and commercial portal between the east and west for more than five centuries.

Recently, Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that gambling was legalized in the country.  So, the special committee was appointed to explore the possibilities for a few casinos to open in the Eilat region. Has Egypt to the advantage, Macau remained a Monopoly market in China for gambling and has remained a thriving gambling destination for the Hong Kong tourist and the Chinese tourist until casinos in their region are legal. Macau Uses its Portugal-Chinese background to differentiate Casino Tourist experiences and itself from Las Vegas and other gambling destinations that are very popular.

Macau-a great gambling market.

In the case of Macau, it proves that the investment of small scale can generate significant revenue in a short period by using financial competitiveness as a gambling destination. It has formed and national image as it is one of the world’s best gaming destinations. It reaches its destination for the goals quickly because of its government policy that is oriented mainly towards the target. The people from China and then nearby countries often visit Macau and gamble and win many of its prizes in real cash. It has become such a trendy casino tourism destination for the world with tremendous success.

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